Drop-By Pet Visits

- Daniella, Virginia Beach

- Marybeth, Virginia Beach

Drop-by Pet Sitting Visits (in your home)

30-60 minutes
Starting at $21

The pet parent guilt when we have to leave for work is real. And so is the midday commute home on your lunch break to let the dog out every day!

Whether you work long hours, have to do a double shift, or got a new puppy, our drop-by service will help take the load off so you can get back to enjoying your lunch break.

Your pet care professional will come by to let your babies out to potty and give them some one-on-one playtime and the TLC that they deserve. This service is great for people whose dogs have separation anxiety as it will break up the mundane day and they have the opportunity to get some of their nervous energy out in a healthy playful way.

Got a new puppy? We can’t wait to help you maintain consistent potty training and social etiquette. We will clean up any accidents your pup may have and we will work with you on a regular basis to make any care changes necessary as your pup grows and his needs change.

- Jennifer, Virginia Beach

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