Hurricane Florence Updates 9/12/18

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I've been receiving calls & messages from concerned pet parents and those in Zone A who need to evacuate but are not sure what to do with their pets so I thought I would answer some questions here.

As of the time of this writing 9/12/18 at 2pm, it looks as though Virginia Beach is out of the direct path of Hurricane Florence, which is wonderful news for us ... Not so much for our neighbors in the south, unfortunately.

That said, it does not mean we're out of the woods yet. The storm's path could change again at a moment's notice. Be ready. Make sure you are preparing for possible storm effects accordingly. Have enough medication, food and water for your family and pets, plus extra for sanitation. Have current physical copies of photos and medical records for every human and fur member of the family. Flashlights, candles, dog chews and toys are also probably a good idea. You may even want to keep potty pads around the house. When Hurricane Matthew came, my poor sweet Penny who grew up in Arizona refused to go outside for at least 48 hours while it just poured. This time I am equipped with potty pads.

Know your evacuation zone. If you don't, please use the Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Zone Lookup Tool.

Evacuate if the government says to. Currently they are calling for evacuations in Zone A. That is a high risk flood and storm surge zone. Do not leave your pets at home. You can take them to a pet friendly hotel or there are pet friendly shelters currently opening in Norfolk, VA ahead of Hurricane Florence.

Make sure all of your pets have collars with ID's & medical info securely attached, as well as leashes. Ensure that the collar cannot easily be pulled off above the ears. This is one of the most important things you can do in case you get separated from your pet.

Before the storm effects come to town, be sure to take the dogs on a long walk and give them ample opportunity to potty. They are likely going to be anxious when the wind and rains hit (or even before), so keep them well exercised to help cut down their anxiety. We expect to resume all of our normal activities as of Monday, September 17th but will keep you updated if that changes. Stay safe, everyone,

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