Why Does My Dog Sneeze in My Face?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

It happens nearly every morning.

The morning light starts to trickle into my window. I try to keep my eyes shut tight. Just a few more minutes, please... That's all I need...

My alarm goes off.

Only it's my puppy dogs crawling all over my face, giving me kisses and rolling around on top of me. In the midst of craziness, I get showered with dog sneezes.

"Mom, it's time to get up! Time for our morning walk." Or sometimes, when Dad walks in the door after work, both pets come barreling towards him sneezing all over the place.

Can you relate to this? Or when you're playing, does your dog ever just stop midplay, look you deeply in the eyes, then sneeze all over you?

Often, Charlie and Penny will get in each other's faces like they're trying to eat each other (which looks quite frightening to some people), but then they go into a sneeze fit.

But what does it mean, you ask?

It could be allergies... but more than likely your dog is trying to communicate with you or their playmate that they may be playing tough, but it's all in good fun.

According to PetBest, "Dogs sometimes also use the sneeze as a 'calming signal' to other dogs. Dogs use over 30 different calming signals to communicate that they need to take a break or slow things down."

Science tells us that these "calming signals" are what keeps dogs from getting into a fight when play can get to be a bit much (another reason socialization as puppies is so important). "They often use it during rougher, more rambunctious play sessions to say “Hey, this is fun and all, but let’s not let it escalate into a fight.” -iheartdogs.com

Of course, if your pet's sneezing seems to be excessive, please take them to be looked at by your veterinarian. Click here to get our local recommendations. I'll bet you'll start noticing your dog's sneezes more now, I know I have!

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