Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Virginia Beach

I always like to say that Virginia Beach is for Dog Lovers.

Part of what drew me to this city from Tucson was its dog friendliness and abundance of greenery, walking trails, and places to go with my bestie.

Not only do we get to enjoy dog friendly businesses and restaurants in our beloved city, but there are also so many beautiful local places for dog walking. So get out there, spend some quality time with your buddy, and enjoy being out in nature together! It's good for the soul.

Here are our top picks for local dog walking in Virginia Beach:

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

First on our list has to be the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, hands down. We live the beach life at my house and my pups are always thrilled to go. They just go crazy at the word!

Here you can enjoy three miles of boardwalk lined with beautiful Atlantic coastline and fragrant sea air.

There are always other pooches to meet while walking along the boardwalk. It's a great place to socialize!

Let your dog run around in the sand and appreciate the look of pure joy on their face. There's nothing better and your pup may even make a new friend.

Maybe they'll even catch a wave!

First Landing State Park

2500 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23451

A great place to hike with your dog is at First Landing State Park in North Va Beach. There are great walking trails here as well as a dog friendly beach on the Chesapeake Bay. The waves are also much gentler in case you have furbabies who are scared of the big waves.

It's a great place to get back into nature, where you and your dog will feel at peace.

"The trail system traverses most all of the habitats found in First Landing State Park - cypress swamp, salt marsh, maritime forest, freshwater wetlands, dunes, and bay shoreline." -

Chic's Beach

Virginia Beach, 23455

Speaking of the Chesapeake Bay, Chic's Beach is another place I've enjoyed walking pups. They're always thrilled to go to the beach and sniff everything on our adventures.

If you're looking for something quieter and less busy, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice morning walk and to catch the sunrise together.

Chic's is very casual- you'll mostly find locals around here as you are far away from the resort area.

I also love the surrounding neighborhoods, the beach houses are so nice to look at while walking around.

The Southern Beaches

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

If you're not a fan of the hustle and bustle of the Oceanfront, just drive south of the Oceanfront to find more beautiful peaceful beaches, just north of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

If you're military, you can enjoy walking your dog at the beach at the Dam Neck base. If you're not, there's always my personal favorite- Sandbridge Beach (Little Island Park specifically).

The sand dunes there are breathtaking and you and your pet will really feel like you've gotten out of town after driving the long windy road to the coast.

Here you can truly appreciate the coastal wildlife. They're are plenty of beautiful dolphins to watch from the shore. Your dog may even chase the crabs that always seem to be out at dusk.

Mount Trashmore Park

310 Edwin Dr

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

If the beach isn't really your thing and you'd prefer a walking path, you can enjoy a long leisurely stroll with your pup in the heart of Virginia Beach- Mount Trashmore.

I think this park is just the coolest as they actually turned a real landfill into a beautiful park for our everyone in our community to enjoy.

The main mountain, ​Mount Trashmore, now 60 feet in height and 800 feet long, was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil." - Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Whenever I come here, it becomes so obvious how many dog lovers there are in our community. It's a great place to meet new dog friends and pet parents. Plus there is plenty of green grass for your dog to roll around in, as well as great views.

Red Wing Park

1398 General Booth Blvd

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Red Wing Park, known for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival, is a favorite among locals.

Not only does it have a spacious and well-loved dog park that's open year round, but there are also walking trails to enjoy with your buddy, as well as plenty of grass to have a nice roll in.

I would also recommend you check out the beautiful Miyazaki Japanese Garden at the front of the park. It's a great place for meditation.

In case you didn't hear, there are no more dog park fees at any of the Virginia Beach Dog Parks.

We've barely skimmed the surface on what our city has to offer for furfamilies, but I hope this guide has helped give you some ideas of new places to try. Where is your favorite place to walk your dog in Virginia Beach? Did I miss any really good ones? Let me know in the comments below 😀

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