New Puppy Guide Pt 2: Best Puppy Products

Updated: Jun 29

In Part 1 of our New Puppy Guide, we discussed things you should consider before getting a new puppy, as well as how to get started with potty training, creating a comfortable home for your puppy, and more.

As pet sitters, we have cared for a lot of puppies. In continuation of our New Puppy Guide, I thought I'd share with you our top fave puppy products to have ready for your new puppy dog.

Be prepared for the chaos ahead of time with these must haves to help give your little one their best start at life, along with tools in your arsenal for the little accidents that pop up in puppy parenthood.

Best Puppy Food

Wellness Complete Health Dry Puppy Food

Puppy food and adult pet food are not the same.

The food you buy your puppy at the start of their life is crucial for making sure all of their specific puppy nutritional needs are met. Puppy food is fortified in all the right things for their developmental needs at this stage of their life.

I will always tell pet parents to buy food with ingredients that you can mostly pronounce. I trust Dog Food Advisor recommended brands and I feed my dogs kibble from Wellness.

Best Chew Toy

Puppy Kongs

Puppy teeth are a lot softer and less durable than adult teeth. That's why the chew you pick really matters. It needs to have some "give" to it so they don't damage their fragile teeth.

You definitely want to avoid damage to any of their fragile teeth, as well as things that might cause any tummy trouble.


  • Animal bones, hooves, horns, antlers.

  • Rawhides

  • Pig ears

  • Sticks

  • Hard chew bone toys of any kind

Best Training Treats

Zuke's Mini Naturals Training Treats

These training treats make housebreaking so much easier.

Every time the puppy is sitting there chewing a toy or not getting into something they shouldn't, just give them a treat for positive behavior.

Whenever the puppy goes potty in the appropriate place, give them a few treats the second they finish and verbally praise them like crazy! I like to say "good potty!" Get super excited about it and they will too. They love to make us happy!

Best Dog Walking Harness

Easy Walk Harness

My favorite harness for dog walking is paws down the Easy Walk Harness. This harness is great because it connects to the front of the puppy's chest to deter pulling before it even starts. If the dog tries to pull, their chest goes out to the side making it difficult to pull in a forward motion.

Another reason I prefer this over a regular collar and other types is that collars can be damaging to a puppy's sensitive neck. The Easy Walk is a positive dog walking tool rather than negative reinforcement.

Best Potty Training Tool


Dogs are highly intelligent animals and they can learn quickly that a certain verbal cue or sound means a tasty treat.

Clickers are such a fantastic and inexpensive way to quickly potty train your puppy.

To learn more about how to clicker train a puppy click here.

Best Carpet Cleaner

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover

Speaking of potty training, this enzymic cleaner is the best carpet cleaner I've tried for cleaning up all types of puppy accidents and messes.

Best Puppy Play Pen

MyPet Plastic Pet Yard

Puppy playpens are a great way to keep your precious puppy safe while you need to keep them busy for a little while.

This way they can still be with you while you do the dishes or other tasks and you can keep a close eye on them.

Best Dog Crate

Grreat Choice Dog Carrier

Dog crates are a great training tool for puppies as long as they are used as a comfortable den for the puppy and never as a punishment! That is very important, the crate must always be associated with happiness and naptime. I recommend leaving nothing in a dog crate unless it's a kong chew toy. Otherwise you may have to worry about choking hazards.

I like this particular kind of of dog crate better than the wire ones. The top covering helps it to feel more like a safe little den. If you have a wire crate, you might consider putting a blanket over it, just make sure your puppy won't try to eat the blanket. Supervise them a few times with the blanket over the crate to make sure before you leave them with it on.

Best Dog Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk-Through Gate

Some people find it safer and more convenient to section off their new puppy in a safe and confined area.

Tiled or laminate flooring is best for that area for easy clean up of puppy messes.

Make sure the gated area you choose is puppy proofed so they can't get into anything like trash bins.

Good luck, puppy parent! I know you'll do great!

Haven't brought your puppy home yet? Don't forget to check out part one of our New Puppy Guide!

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