Why You Should Adopt a Cat in Virginia Beach

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Have you ever experienced a cat purring in your lap? I swear, their purrs are so healing after a tough day.

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Are you considering getting a pet for yourself or your family?

The truth is there will always be loving animals in shelters who will make great pets if given the opportunity.

My hope is that you'll consider giving local Virginia Beach adoption a chance once you know how you can reap the benefits of adopting a kitty.

Here's why you should consider adopting a cat in Virginia Beach:

Cats make us feel loved and wanted.

Cats are great for those seeking companionship, are lonely, or are trying to heal emotionally.

Snuggling or petting our furry friends releases oxytocin into our brains. This is the love hormone that mimics the human mother-baby bond and makes us feel close, loved, wanted, and I believe it can help ease depression and reduce the feelings of loneliness. Save a cat, fill your human social needs while giving them a loving home.

Cats help reduce our stress and anxiety.

I find kitty purring super soothing and I'd bet a lot of other people do too. That's why cats all over the world are used as therapy pets to help reduce stress in patients, especially for trauma survivors.

Many people fiend owning a cat to be a relief for their anxiety.

Shelter cats are usually microchipped and spayed.

It's so important to have your cat spayed to avoid future litters and more kitties that end up in the shelter. We need to put a stop to it. Microchipping your cat is important, even if you don't plan on them be an outdoor cat. Cats are quick to slip out the door if you aren't careful and keeping a close eye on them.

These veterinarian costs can really start to add up when you get a kitten from a breeder or pet store.

When you adopt, the cat has usually undergone these operations before you take it home, saving you time and money.

Animal Shelters have knowledgeable staff.

The sad truth is breeders and pet stores are usually just looking out for their bottom line and just want to move kittens like product so they can get in new "inventory." If you talk to staff at an animal shelter, they've often spent a lot of time around the cats who are there and can actually tell you about their personality and help match you with right feline for you.

They've seen the same cats go in and out of the shelter and I'm sure it's devastating to them when they see amazing pets they know brought back.

It's their priority to make sure the cat is going to the right furever home.

There are endless health benefits associated with owning a cat.

According to petmd, being a cat parent hosts countless health benefits such as lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and risk of depression.

Owning a cat has also been connected with a lower risk of heart disease, fewer allergies, and helps you to sleep better. - GoodNet

"A more recent study found that children raised with pets may be healthier as well. Children raised in a home with cats (or dogs) were found to have fewer ear infections and respiratory problems than those without pets. (Source: Pediatrics)" - PetMD

How cool is that? Kitties help out the whole family and are great for those with kids!

If we an reduce the amount of animals suffering in shelters through adoption, why wouldn't we?

Please, if you're considering bringing a loving kitty into your home, you can't go wrong with adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue.

They will pay you back tenfold with their love. Give adoption a shot ;)

Check out these local shelters to find your fureverfriend today: Hope for Life Rescue

(757) 491-4609 610 Jack Rabbit Rd #1, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Virginia Beach SPCA

(757) 427-0070 3040 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Virginia Beach Animal Control

(757) 385-4444

341 S Birdneck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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