Pet Care Services

At Paw Love, we believe every furbaby is unique and their care should be too! 


That's why we work with you to customize each pet care plan specifically for your pets' individual needs. No dog walk or pet sit is ever the same. 

During our initial phone call, we'll go over your pet's normal schedule & come up with a customized plan together based on your pet's needs. Complimentary meet and greet is included.

Virginia Beach Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services
Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Individual Dog Walks

30-60 minutes
Starting at $21


Your dog tries so hard to be a good boy while you're away at work. 

Reward him with some some well-deserved exercise & come home to a content pup.

A tired dog is a happy dog! 

Drop-by Pet Sitting Visits (in your home)

30-60 minutes
Starting at $21

The pet parent guilt when we have to leave for work is real. And so is the midday commute home on your lunch break to let the dog out every day!

Whether you work long hours, have to do a double shift, or got a new puppy, our drop-by service will help take the load off so you can get back to enjoying your lunch break.

Your pet care professional will come by to let your babies 

Custom Vacation Pet Care Plans (in your home)

30-60 minutes
Starting at $21

Whether you're going out of town for the weekend or longer, your pet will be most comfortable at home with familiar surroundings and smells.


Your pet sitter specialist will come to your home a few times a day to provide loving care, mentally stimulating fun & companionship for your dog or cat while you're away. Together, we will come up with a plan to ensure


Please note:

*Holiday pricing may be additional. Please contact for a more accurate estimate. 

**All prices listed are subject to change at any time without notice. 

Have questions? We've got answers. 


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